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Butter Cup Rose

Butter Cup Rose

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Name: Butter Cup
Rose Type: Hybrid Tea Rose
Color: Yellow to orange
Fragrance: Mild
USDA Hardiness Zone: 5-10
Bloom Size: 4”
Mature Size: 48”

The Butter Cup rose is a delightful embodiment of elegance and charm, boasting petals that unfurl like delicate satin ribbons in a soft, buttery yellow hue. Each bloom exudes a gentle fragrance, reminiscent of sweet summer mornings and tender moments. As a hybrid tea rose, Butter Cup roses showcase a classic form with large, solitary blooms atop sturdy stems, making them ideal for both garden cultivation and cutting. Whether adorning a vase on a sunlit windowsill or gracing a formal garden with their radiant presence, Butter Cup roses never fail to evoke feelings of joy and serenity. With their timeless beauty and graceful demeanor, Butter Cup roses are sure to captivate hearts and inspire admiration wherever they bloom.

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